Friday, December 07, 2007

St. Nick

Tonight, just after Daddy got home from work, Adam and Jackson and I were getting ready to get our Christmas pictures taken in the studio, when all of a sudden, the door bell rang. Jackson looked up at us, confused. I said, "You better go see who it is" and he went running for the door (this pretty much always happens--even when the UPS guy drops off my clients' orders) I opened the door and there was a Christmas bag on the front porch--and Mommy wasn't ready with her camera. St Nick had come! He was a little late, but I think he knew that we were super busy last night and that Mommy wasn't even home after it was dark....but he still made it!

Jackson dug into the bag--still not paying any attention to the fact that no one was at the door. He pulled out a giant snow globe that sings and sprays snow round and round! He knew exactly where the button was! Most little kids get candy from St. Nick, but Mommy never did. She usually got a little toy or something special for her baby dolls. Nothing big, just something a little extra to play with. But, I think St. Nick knows that Jackson loves toy Christmas decorations and ornaments, so that might be the tradition!

The best part--Grandma Netty and Grandpa Scott showed up right after St. Nick! Surprise! Grandma was going to take our pictures in the studio--what are the odds that they show up right after! I wonder if they got to SEE St. Nick? I've always wondered what he looks like....

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Our Wild Ride! said...

I remember when St. Nick would visit us! :)

I love seeing Jackson growing up on your blog. What a cutie!