Sunday, December 02, 2007

Breakfast at Tiff...I mean Grandma's

This morning, Grandma Netty, Grandpa Scott, GG Jane, and Aunt Tacey left for Vegas at 6:00am! And since we were staying at their house this weekend (because Daddy is at the Ranch hunting!) we were all alone this morning! We got up about 9:00am, and then headed downstairs for breakfast. We watched cartoons and Noggin on the big screen while we ate...and did I mention that Jackson uses his fork and spoon all by his self now?! Although, you wouldn't think so from these shots!

Jackson has been hanging out in the dining room all morning just staring out the window....very calm and relaxed. I think he misses Aunt Tacey already!And right now, Jackson is taking every bowl and container out of Grandma's Tupperware cabinet (shhh...don't tell her her kitchen is a MESS!) He's making me lunch (Nilla Wafers) I gave him the spoons and spatulas and he's stirring a handful of Nilla Wafers in a bowl....oh, to have a simple imagination like that easily entertained!! HA!

Mommy with no makeup...but Jackson's cuteness distracts from my ugliness! HA!

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