Thursday, December 06, 2007


On Tuesday, Jackson and I ventured out to the mall to pick up some last minute gifts, and while we there, we decided to stop in a "look" at Santa. I am shooting a Christmas party on Saturday and Santa will be there (I am shooting the Santa pics!), so we weren't going to buy any from the mall. So we walked up to the fence and looked in...Santa waved and winked at Jackson and he just stared in awe, then waved back! There was NO ONE IN LINE, so I asked if we could just come in and see Santa, and they said "sure!" So Jackson and I walked in and I took Jack Jack out of the stroller and we talked to Santa for a bit, and waved at Santa, then I asked him "Tell him what Santa says" and Jackson made that cute little "O" mouth and said "HO HO HO"--and with that, Santa belly laughed back! Jackson's eyes got so big and then he just busted out giggling so hard!! Then he would pause long enough to say "HO HO HO" again, then Santa would do it, and Jackson would die laughing! Super fun! He sat on Santa's lap and played with the reindeer bells...for a good 5 minutes. Just sitting and staring and smiling and giggling.....then said "Bye Bye" and waved! Such a good boy!

So then today, Grandma Netty, Aunt Tacey, and GG Jane wanted to take Jackson to see Santa again since Aunt Tacey had the day off work. And the same thing! He waved and ran over to him when it was his turn. He said "HO HO HO" and got to hold the bells again! And we got his picture taken too! We didn't get the print this year, just the disc with his picture on it so that we could blog it! And this year, he's actually looking at the camera! Yeah!!

Jackson 17 Months

Jackson 5 Months
But we are super excited about seeing Santa at Ms Leslie's house with all the other kids! More to come on Saturday night!!


Sheri said...

What a great realistic looking SANTA! and the boy on his lap is awful cute, too.

Alicia said...

I agree, what a handsome dude.