Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nebraska Trip--Finally!!

Well, after weeks of delay, I have FINALLY had a little bit of time to process all of the images from our "mini" vacation to Lincoln, Nebraska for my grandfathers 85th Birthday Bash! Let me tell you, the weekend was a BLAST!! From seeing Grandpa to ALL of my crazy cousins, Me and Adam and Jackson made some memories!! We left Friday morning and had a 2 hour flight--the cutest part of the trip: Jackson's Monkey Backpack! Actually, it was a leash, which people can think is super mean, but we didn't have to take a stroller and he was free to walk/run through the airport. And, it was super cute!!

When we got there, we headed straight over the Grandpa's to see Popo Joe and Mama Lou. It was soooo beautiful up there! The leaves were changing colors--which doesn't happen here in Texas. The oranges, reds, gorgeous. It really made me miss the midwest. And the PILES of LEAVES! Jackson was like a kid on a playground--he ran through them, jumped in them, threw them--it was fun to watch! We met up with the rest of the 28 members of our family for blue margaritas! After dinner, we had wine at Grandpa's and then called it a night...we were pooped!

Saturday morning, we helped decorate the hall with all of the girls--and Jackson sneaked eating all of the Jelly Belly's on the tables!! We grabbed some lunch and then back to the hotel to get ready for the party! And it was a party! We ate, we drank, we chatted, Aunt Donna sang, we watched the slideshow I created, we took pictures of all the Schroer-girls' butts (long story!)
...after the party, we stopped by the hotel to grab some coffee with Popo Joe and Mama Lou
and chit chat for a bit before they turned in for the night--then the cousins hit the Karaoke bar!! The ENTIRE family--in-laws, out-laws, BABIES and all met up at Legends Bar and Grill (you can't smoke inside in Lincoln, so we took Jackson) EVERYONE Karaoked--even Aunt Tacey who can't carry a tune in a bucket (the only Schroer not blessed with the singing gene, poor thing) And Adam sang Piano Man (after a few shots with my cousins...thanks!) and the bar went nuts over it! It was pretty funny! My cousin Jeremy and my in-law cousin Nate were the backup singers/dancers--all at 1:00am--and Jackson was AWAKE and DANCING along with Daddy! I know--we are only allowed to be bad parents once, so that was our one chance, but when on vacation, what do you do?!

I don't know who gave him the carrot, but he choked--then no one would admit fault!

It was a super fun weekend--it's a shame we don't get to see them too often! A great time was had by all!! To see ALL of the images from our fun weekend, Click HERE!!

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