Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas Decorating!

After Thanksgiving, it's time to put away the fall foliage in the house and set up shop for Santa's arrival! On Monday, I cleaned. Did laundry, cleaned my bathrooms, cleaned my floors, etc. Tuesday, Grandma Netty came over to help finish the deep cleaning, watch Jackson while I mowed and edged the front yard, then assisted in getting all of the decorations out of the attic and into my house. Jackson was in awe!! It was so much fun! He was so excited to get the boxes out and see what was inside of them. He loved the lights!! We kept asking him "Is that Santa? What does Santa say?" and his response, as always, "HO! HO! HO!", with the cutest little round "O" mouth! Once everything was up and pretty, we soon came to realize that not much of my stuff from years past is Jackson-proof! All of the balls and bows on the tree are now all on the TOP half of the tree (it looks a little funny, but understandable). My manger is now on the entertainment center. My snowmen are all on the mantle instead of the end tables. And finally, my village, that in the past has sat on my fireplace with snow and trees and people, will now have to be moved--and I'm not happy about it b/c I really don't have anywhere else to put it!! You can tell Jackson, "No No, don't touch." But he will still gently put his finger on EACH AND EVERY GLASS HOUSE, look at me and shake his head and say "No-No! No-No!" Duh!! Isn't that what I just freaking said?! Why are you still putting fingerprints on it!!

So then tonight, Jack and I met Adam for dinner, then headed on to Target to buy our first set of Christmas lights and yard art! We didn't decorate when we were preggers, then we didn't do lights last year b/c we didn't have time and didn't think Jackson was big enough to understand...but this year, he is ALL ABOUT THE LIGHTS!! Target was overwhelming with all of the choices for outdoor lighting--colored, white, LED, blue, etched, star, chasers, round, flare, pointed, energy-saving, mini, big, dancing, twinkling...Adam nearly completely shut down all together with the idea of decorating, and I just got pissed b/c he was not into buying them anymore! And then Jackson started throwing a tantrum b/c he didn't want to be in the cart anymore. So, we re-grouped, bought some lights, and headed to Garden Ridge for yard art--in separate cars. When we got there, Adam was in a much better mood, I was in a better mood, and we told Jackson he had to sit in the cart and be a good boy or else we were going home (and he ACTUALLY listened!!) We found some really cute stuff and the best part--everything was 25% off!!

We got home at 9:00, but Jackson in his jammy-jams, slippers, and stocking hat, and headed outdoors to start the decorating!! We got the drive-way lined, the net lights up, the snowman, and the trees set up, along with my cutie snowmen that line the walkway! Tomorrow, we are on a mission to line the house, put the garland and bows up, and wrap the much to do, so little time! But, we are the 2nd house on the block to get our lights done, so we are doing good!!

Jackson was super into helping! He was carrying the light stakes around and handing them to us. I'd say "I need another one!" and he'd say "Oh!" and then run over to me. He helped Daddy put the snowmen lights up, he carried the flashlight around for Daddy, he threw all the trash in the trashcans for us...and smiled and giggled the whole time! I'm telling you, he is all about the lights!! This is going to be a great Christmas!!


Sheri said...

Looking forward to the pictures.

Must be nice to put Christmas items outside at 9 pm. Your weather must be beautiful. It is darn cold here in Kansas.

I just hope to have my Christmas tree up before Christmas Eve weekend. You're to organized.

Ramie Babcock said...

It's not terribly cold--Jackson was in his thermal jammies and slippers...I was in sweats and a sweatshirt. I'm just happy it's getting done!! Ha!