Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Decorating-Day 2

This morning, Mommy had a FLB meeting with the girls (the networking/business group that we started about 4 months ago). This meeting was really just a great lunch to get away from business for a bit, and it was so good! Generations Tea Room is fabulous!

Then, back to Grandma Netty's to get some work done while Jackson napped. Once he got up, we were on a mission to pick up some extra decorations for the yard! Grandma went with us and we found some more great deals on lighted trees for my Winter Wonderland front yard!

We got back to our house and had Grandpa Scott and Aunt Tacey come over to see our lights. Once Daddy got home and the whole gang was there, we got to work putting the clips on the lights and getting them up on the house! They look great! Grandpa Scott helped Mommy figure out the cords (I hate cords! Why can't everything be cordless and wireless! It makes my life easier!)

We ate McDonalds hamburgers and fries, played in the front yard, listened to 99.1's Christmas was alot of fun! I am so excited about Christmas!!


GG Jane said...

Good job guys, it truly is a winter wonderland. Santa shouldn't have any problem finding your place. You better be real good now. Jackson really looks like a good helper.

Ramie Babcock said...

He just might get lots of stuff from Santa this year for being such a good helper!!