Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

After an rediculously busy weekend, I am finally able to post the proof of our happenings! We started Thanksgiving with the Babcock's in El Campo. Wednesday night, Grandpa Doug and the grandkids decorated the Christmas much fun! On Thursday, we started the day early with me taking pictures of Uncle Clint, Aunt Rickie, and Marley and Austin for their Christmas card, and Jackson and Adam lounging in their jammies and eating oatmeal! Then on to the Turkey Dinner and Irish Coffee's...yummy!

Around 2:00pm, we hit the road for Turkey Dinner #2 in League City with the Carroll family--(almost) all of them!! Uncle Bob, Aunt Michelle, and Nicole came in from Wichita for games and beer and turkey and shopping....but mostly games! Scene it Squabble--gotta love it!

Friday we hung out and pretty much did nothing, other than shoot Uncle Russ, Aunt Di, Ashley, Nathan, and Aaron for their Christmas card. Saturday morning, we hit the road--EARLY at 7:00am--for Lake Sam Raburn. We were scheduled for a family session with the Hanegan family at their lake house, but it rained, and rained, and rained, and when it wasn't raining, it was COLD COLD COLD. 43*-46* the entire time we were there! But it was very relaxing...we got to hang out with Wade and Lauren and Wade's parents--they are so nice!! And I have to say, Jackson was on his BEST behavior!! He was an angel the entire time we were there!! Such good manners, no whining, just smiles and laughing and entertaining! It was a great visit. Sunday morning, it was BACK in the car for the 4 hour trip back to El Campo for Marley and Austin's birthday party!! Marley is now 3 and Austin is the last one to turn 1!!

It's Monday, and back to work...uhhhg. I cleaned my house most of the day and dreaded opening my email (78 to be exact). I plan on being DONE DONE DONE with work on December 1st. Mom is coming over tomorrow to help me finish deep cleaning the house and then put up my Christmas decorations--finally!! Yeah!! Here are a few of the pics from our weekend...more to come along with more stories!! (I'm hoping my life slows down a bit and I can catch up on my daily blog of Jacksonisms and stories...and MORE pictures!! I just haven't had the time to get my camera out for anything other than work over the past 2 months, so bare with me!! Thanks!!)

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Sheri said...

What beautiful Christmas pictures of the 2 different families. Wish you were closer to Wichita so that I could get a family picture. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Jackson has grown up so much - Christmas is going to be so much fun this year!!!!