Sunday, July 08, 2007

Packing Peanuts

It has been a crazy busy weekend for Mommy! A rehearsal dinner for Greg + Carolyn on Friday and a wedding on a yacht for Holly + Eric on Saturday...let's just say I'm a little worn out! But as I was going through the rehearsal photos to process, I remembered what I came home to...

I got a few boxes in the mail containing the custom albums I offer my clients. Jackson was supposed to be asleep when I came home, so I opened the boxes and went into my room to get the albums out to view them before I went to bed--and when I got in the room, the little sucker was still awake! Just chillin with Dada in bed watching TV! After I got the albums out, I set the boxes on the floor--and forgot about them when I set Jackson on the floor to run and where himself out! Next thing you know, Jackson is being quiet again (he's always into something when he's quiet!) and we look over to find him INSIDE THE DAMN BOX with PACKING PEANUTS EVERYWHERE! He's super fast too, because he was only down there for a minute, I swear! Adam got mad at first, then I said, how often do you get to play with your little one with peanuts? And how my longer is he going to be this small and able to FIT in a box like this?! So we went with the mischief and joined the fun! Although, I woke up to a large mess on my bedroom floor, the fun was worth it! Jackson and Daddy threw them everywhere and giggled! Jackson tried to eat the ones that were falling down on him....Priceless!

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