Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fun Max Jump-In

After Jackson's party, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Clint and Rickie, and their two kiddos, Marley (2.5) and Austin (7 months) stayed the night at our house. After a rough night with Austin (his little ears were hurting so he didn't sleep well...poor baby..) I was woken to the angelic voice of Miss Marley as I walked into the kitchen to get Jackson some milk: "Hi Ramie, where's Jackson? He asleep? Oh...I come with you!" "Hi Jackson! Hi little fella! You gonna drink your milk? Here you go, here's your milk? I lay with you!" That (seemed) pretty early. But the bad thing was that is was raining, so we really didn't know how to entertain the kids all day. Then I remembered this cool place that just opened up the road from us--it's a giant indoor moonwalk place! It's freaking awesome! Jackson and I took the tour once, just hadn't been back to actually play--well, Sunday, we played! All of us! Clint, Rickie, Adam and I were kids again, running up the slides, jumping, taking the kids down the BIG slide! It was so much fun! It wore us out! Poor Austin just sat there in his stroller, but he didn't cry...he watched Marley and Jackson hit the slides. Jackson was an animal! He would climb up the big ladder himself and then go head first down the slide! And he thought he had to scream the entire time we were there...lovely! It's loud in there, so you couldn't tell. Then Adam and Clint took a round in the fighting ring! The funniest thing was when Clint got in there and another kid followed him (about 8 years old maybe) and the little boy started chasing Clint around the ring (he just wanted someone to play with) but Marley was right behind the kid yelling "don't hit my daddy! don't hit my daddy!" It was hysterical! We worked up an appetite and walked next door to the Chinese buffet--so good! It was a fantastic day! (it was super dark in there, and I didn't have my flash--so ignore the poor lighting!)

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