Friday, July 06, 2007

Jackson's 1 year Appointment

So on Monday, after a really long weekend of cake and ice cream and presents, I had to take Jackson for his one year check up! He was so good--he really likes Dr. Perona (probably not as much as Dr. Wardell, but he still performs well for her!) she used to be my parent's next door neighbor, so it's a much more personal visit when we are there. She asked about his motor skills: he says Mama, Dada, Dog, Bird, Ba-Ba, Milk, n-dat. He signs Milk, Eat, All Done, More, Bird. He's running--and she was happy to see he was not bow-legged. We started him on real milk on Thursday, and she said that was great and that he could have either whole or 2% (we've been doing organic whole, but would rather do the 2% that has a little less fat in it!) And, based on his weight, height, and age, he is now allowed to face forward in his car seat! There is a great debate about this, and I wanted to keep him rear-facing as long as possible (it's much safer for them as they take impact better when rear-facing) but his little toes are hitting the seat, so we turned him around and he LOVES it!

His stats: 30 inches long (50th%) (he's grown 10 inches since birth)
21.7 lbs (25th%) (tripled his birth weight)

After seeing the doctor, he got 2 shots, which he didn't cry with the 1st one, but the second one stung a little. Then, we were off to the lab for blood work. At his age, they test for Lead (because everything goes in their mouths!) and Anemia. Let me tell you, had a known they were going to take 2 viles of blood, I would have sent Adam. The man who stuck him was so nice, but it took 2 men and a nurse to help--Jackson is a squirmer! The nurse had funky glasses, so he liked her at first, then the butterfly needle went in--holy shit! I had him on my lap and was clenching my legs together to hold his legs down, both of his arms were pinned, and he was STILL wiggling! The nurse and I tried singing to him--of course, nothing would keep him from shrilling! And it took about 5 minutes to get enough blood! I cried, only a little, but all the crying exhausted him and he conked out right after it was over. Poor little guy! That was not a good experience for either of us! So I stopped and got us both an ice cream cone on the way to Grandma Netty's and the minute he saw her, and the ice cream, the shot was a faint memory!

PS: His results were negative! No Anemia or Lead Poisoning! Ha!

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