Thursday, July 05, 2007

Jackson Scott! So Busted!

Sunday night, Adam and I gave Jackson his bath and let him run around in his room for a while (since he fought me putting the diaper on!) After about 5 minutes, Adam and I thought Jackson was being too quiet in his room so I walked in to check on him--and this is what I found! He was caught, in the act, pulling EVERY WIPE out of the container and throwing them around the room! When I saw him, I said "Jackson Scott! No! No!" He put his head down, started whining, and ran over to me as if it wasn't his fault, it was the wipes! They got me in trouble! When Daddy came in a saw the mess, he wasn't happy either, and tried to tell Jackson no, but Jack Jack just crawled up in his lap like he was saying "Sorry Dada!"

1 comment:

Sheri said...

Jackosn sure knows how to have fun! Okay it isn't the type of fun that you would want him to have! I hope you said "NO NO" with a straight face. I don't think I could have - it is so Cute!