Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mr. Independent

Right this moment, I am sitting at the computer at the dining room table trying to get some work done. Jackson is being so good--he's playing all by himself on that jungle gym we brought in yesterday. He's taking his favorite toys and putting them in the fort, then climbs up on the platform and slides down (then claps!) And sometimes he climbs back up the slide--with no problem! (actually, he just took a baby wipe and is now wiping the mirrors in the dining room! Monkey see Monkey do, huh!?) He's getting easier and easier....I love it!

Last night was a little rough. Jackson woke up screaming--we figured out that his mouth was hurting. He has a molar in the back and a little bit of an eye tooth popping through! Poor baby! No fever, not much fussiness, just having a hard time sleeping! Tylenol and Hylands and he was finally out!

I'm off to do laundry and pick up the house in between uploading images and burning wedding DVDs...it never ends! And hopefully I'll get a shower in during his nap (oh, the joys of motherhood...)

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