Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What a Weekend

On Friday, Mom and Dad invited Adam and I to go to the Armadillo Ballroom (only in Texas...) to see our friend Nichole sing. She sings for The Emotions, and is absolutely amazing! We have been following her bands since the summer we moved to Texas. She is the one who inspired "garage dancing" (for those who don't know, when we first moved here, we didn't know how to 2-step, and Mom had been wanting to take dance lessons, just no time. So I bought Mom and Dad "How to 2-Step videos!" Ever since, we have gotten together about an hour before we head to the dance hall and learn a new dance in the garage! It's actually really fun!) Adam and I hadn't been to one of her shows since before we got preggers (although Rachel and I went on St. Patrick's Day to Mo's Place when I was big and fat and preggers-I danced to "my humps" and shook my belly! Poor Jackson!)

So we called on GG Jane to watch Jack Jack til about Midnight and we headed to the 'dillo! Nichole sang amazing! And the drinks were really tall and great--I had 3 bourbon and diets and a Tequilla Rose shot. Let's just say I wasn't driving home that night! I had so much fun! We stayed the night at GG Jane's and from what I hear, Jackson had a good time as well!

The next day, Adam worked in the morning, so Jackson and I just hung out with GG. We helped her cook Sunday dinner in advance--a cake, some ribs and potatoes. Jackson also got to take a bath in her sink! He is so good at splashing water everywhere! A "hydro-displacement-expert", if you will. We were supposed to have a photo shoot that afternoon, but Adam got that 24-hour bug I had had the week before, so we re-scheduled our friends. When we got home, I got out and did TONS of yard work! Mowing, edging, weeding, planting...I got so much done! I love yard work!

On Sunday, Adam was feeling better, so we went to GG Jane's for our weekly Sunday dinner. We had a GREAT time with everyone, and then headed home to work some more on the yard. More planting, more screwing with the pond, and POWER-WASHING! We power-washed our driveway and walkway and they look amazing! All this time, Jackson sat in his pack n play on the porch--such a good baby! Then we moved him to a blanket in the yard, thinking that he was still afraid of the grass--WRONG! He took off and was all over the place! But I had set his tunnel up in the grass and he had a good time running in and out of it! So cute!

It was a great weekend, with lots accomplished--including Mommy being "un-Mommy-like" and having a good time at the bar!

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