Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tractors, Chicken, and the Aunts {Wichita Day 5}

On Monday, we woke up and headed to Garden Plain (again) to visit my great great Aunts (they are my great-grandma's (GG Dutch) sisters. Maudie and Toddie are their names--shorts for Mary Margret and Teresa GG's real name was Agnes, but they called her Dutch...I know, kinda weird that they never called them by their real names! Aunt Toddie lives on a farm, filled with tractors! Daddy would have been so jealous to see all the land and all the machinery they had out there! We got Jackson up on the tractor...and of course got pictures for Daddy to see his little man in action!

We also chased around the chickens! Jackson really didn't know what to think about them! After pie and chit chat, we headed back to Uncle Bob's, but not without stopping in at Resthaven to see Grandpa Joe. Many of you may know or remember my Grandpa, but I was VERY close to him. It has been very emotional for me to get married and have Jackson without him here to be part of it all. I miss him very much and wish every day that Adam and Jackson had gotten a chance to meet him (although they have seen many home videos and heard dozens of stories) We put Memorial Day flowers out, along with a flag that Jackson helped with. He stood (or danced) on the headstone (classy...Grandpa was turning over in his grave!)

Jackson and I got a quick nap in before we were on the road again to Jenny's for dinner. Her mom came over to see Jack Jack too (unfortunately, I didn't get a single picture at their house!) We called it an early night....but it was a great day!

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