Thursday, May 17, 2007

Noah's Ark

I don't usually dress Jackson is "cutesy" outfits with characters on them. Whatever Daddy would wear, Jackson gets a smaller version of it, typically with a collar. So when I saw this outfit, I for some reason, fell in love with it! I love baby animals--notice Jackson's room is done in Jungle Safari. It's been so warm lately, I thought this was the perfect little romper for the day. So since my photo shoot this morning got moved to tomorrow, I had the day to catch up on some work (thanks to Grandma Netty) and then head outside to get some shots of Jackson! Finally!


avacek said...

Oh my, are we getting used to the grass now????

Ramie Babcock said...

A little bit more each time we are in it! He still picks his feet up, but he'll put a hand in it now! It's still pretty funny!