Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cousin Avery's Program

This morning, Jackson and I got up and ready to go to Ed White Elementary for our cousin, Avery's kindergarten program. She is now, technically, a 1st grader. Jackson LOVED the music! He just sat there staring at the kids dancing and singing! Then we headed to her classroom for refreshments and certificates. Jackson thought he was one of the kids! He sat in his stroller next to Avery's table and talked like the kids, and laughed when the other kids laughed, and ate his crackers while they ate their cheese--literally, I was in stitches because watching him being social was freaking hilarious! I swear, this kid thinks he is older than he really is!


Avery & Janice

Avery & Aunt Cindy (MiMi)

The best part of the day, though, was Avery and Janice and Aunt Cindy coming to dinner. They brought a cake and we had BBQ and watched Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. Jackson has a new best friend--watch out Marley, Miss Avery was a hit! They played and ran around, in and out of the tunnel, in and out from under the table, they both sang with the micro-phone during AI--and Jackson would not shut up! He just sat their chatting along with Avery! She would squeal, then Jackson would squeal! Then, he started rambling for about 15 minutes---"ihihihiihih" "Iyahihihihihi" Ihaihihihih"--no clue what was coming out of his mouth, but he was talking with his hands and everything like he had something very important to say and we were going to listen! Then he would laugh and smile so big! (He lives in his own little world.........)

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