Monday, May 21, 2007

My Amazing Little Boy

Adam and I have watched Jackson, over the past 2 weeks, go from a tumbling bumbling baby, to an independent toddler with an incredibly sweet personality and a sense of humor! It's sad--I look back on posts and I watch the videos and it makes me so sad that I won't get that time back. I miss waking up at 2:00am and holding him, looking down into that innocent little face....I could stare at him for hours. Now, I see him in his crib and cry wondering if I spent enough time with him, held him enough, cuddled him enough. I tried to cherish every moment--and I think I did a pretty good job catching all those cute faces on camera and getting those priceless giggles on video. But he's not a baby anymore--not in our eyes. He is an explorer--he wants to be outside, getting into everything, picking everything up and staring at it in his hands. He's a learner--he wants to be involved in everything we are doing--from cooking with GG Jane, to doing home improvement projects, moving the lawn, folding clothes--he's watching our every move. He's hillarious--he laughs at the craziest stuff, and when others laugh, he starts laughing too! He's super sweet--in the mornings, we just cuddle in bed and he just looks up at me, and then buries his head next to me on my pillow and then smiles. In the evenings, he will give the best hugs and the best (open mouth) kisses (he's still learning...) He uses sign language alot! It's amazing how you can sign one thing to him, and he'll remember. It's fascinating to me. He wants to do everything himself--he takes the baby powder (I close it before he gets it) and he shakes it on his pee pee. He steals the fork or spoon and puts it to his mouth. He gets his shoes and puts them up to the bottom of his foot and then looks up at me like "is this where they go?" He take a tissue and puts it to his nose--all of this from just watching us and doing what we do. Another example, on Friday, I cleaned the floors, so I pushed all of the chairs away from the dining room table to be able to get under the table with the vaccuum--ever since, Jackson wants to push the chairs away from the table. He usually uses them as a jungle gym at that point, or gets underneath them and pushes them around making car noises.

He dances--yes, dances. I have it on video. Anytime we are watching Dancing with the Stars, he will stand right next to the tv and bounce up and down and clap! He loves music!

I wish there was more time to just sit and play. I wish I never had any laundry to do, and business to take care of, any errands to run, no beds to make or bathrooms to clean, no dinner to cook, or dishes to load and unload, or vaccuuming, or lawn to be mowed and weeds to be pulled...I wish I was a millionaire who could HIRE ALL THAT STUFF DONE so I could just sit and play and enjoy (and remember) every smile, every hug, every toot, every giggle and word, all the bumps and bruises, every smell (from baby powder to bubble bath)...

I love being a mom. Everything about it. I just wish it all went by a little slower....

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