Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Good morning, Sunshine!

This morning, I went in and got Jackson while he was still a little groggy, to get him up and going for our busy day. Mommy had a meeting at 9:30 so we had to be out the door by 9:00. So I put him on my bed and turned on the Doodlebops--that woke him right up! He heard them singing, sat straight up, smiled, then started waving his arms and bouncing! Who in the hell does that? Her certainly does not get that from his Momma because I usually wake up yelling at someone! (note: don't try and talk to me before either a: coffee or b: shower, I'll typically bite your head off!) But in his cuteness, the camera happened to be sitting on my dresser so I grabbed it and snapped away:

We made it out the door, but not before Jackson snooped in Mommy's bag for treats and a bink, and then off to the car! We had a busy day of meetings and a photo shoot this afternoon, so Jackson got to spend a few hours with Grandma Netty before Daddy picked him up! (My shoot was about an hour or so away, and I didn't want him stuck in a car that long! I did that to him last week and he had a rough night, so playing with Grandma was a better choice!)


Annette said...

Playing at Grandma's is ALWAYS the better choice:) We had lots of fun and a bowl full of spaghetti!!

Ramie Babcock said...

Yes, and I found some sauce in his ear! HA! He must have gotten it on his hands and then rubbed his ear--or Grandpa put the fork in his ear! Who knows!!

Sheri said...

Jackson seems to have grown since he was here in April. Love him in the car seat!