Friday, February 09, 2007

Voice Player

Hey guys! I found this great idea from a fellow photographer that I blogstalk, Kristin Bednarz (she's fantastic!)
It's pretty cool! I thought it would be a great thing for Jackson to look back on in a few years! You just click on "record by phone" and enter the phone number and then listen for the prompts. Once you record your message, you can listen to it before you save it. Once it is saved, it gets sent to Jackson's profile, and it will appear on the blog for everyone to hear! Don't be intimidated--it's just like leaving a quick voicemail! Hope to "hear" from you guys soon! (And if you are a blog stalker, too, leave a message--come on, you know you wanna!!)

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kristinbednarz said...

Hi, girl! Thanks for the link! Just found your blog and am enjoying a beer while I read.

Keep it up! I added you to my subscriber list.

Daddy said...

Hey Jack! I left you a message..and finally figured out how to post on this thing. Have a great day with Mommy and I'll see you when I get home!

Kayla said...

Hey, Marley just left Jackson a message. You probably won't be able to understand it. This is what it says "Hey it's Marley, Austin, and Camden. We can't wait to play. We miss you. BYE!