Tuesday, February 06, 2007


This morning we packed up and headed to Grandma Netty's...Mommy had to work on an engagement session. So Jackson got to play play play! He took 2 really good naps and when Mommy was done with the e-session, we took Jackson outside since it was another gorgeous day here. He got to play in the yard for the first time--he didn't know what to think about the grass, the leaves, the flowers...

I also forgot to mention Jackson's newest feat--he discovered the stairs. Yup, up goes a baby gate soon to keep him from getting upstairs! He gets to the edge, puts both hands on the next step, and lifts that left leg up, and pulls. Unbelievable!

Also this afternoon, Jackson got to wear his new shoes! Okay, they aren't new--Amy Carlson got them for him at his baby shower. They are the cutest Baby Gap sneakers with matching shirt! He loves to stand in them! And his newest trick is going from standing to sitting back down. I was holding him up and he would squat down and then plop to his bottom. Me, Mom, and GG Jane were all there and would clap and say "Yeah Jackson!" every time he did it, and now, he does it on his own--and adds the claps each time!! He gets so proud of himself! It's hysterical!

But don't get me wrong, not everything he does is funny. We are working on the words "No No" and not letting him get away with things. He gets so mad when we tell him no, and throws his arms and screams or cries. But we tell him over and over, and then walk away..for example, now that he can stand up in the crib, he likes to grab the mobile and pull on the palm trees. I told him, "No!" 3 times, and each time, he'd get mad. Finally, I took the mobile off and walked away...he cried for about a minute, and then forgot all about it!

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