Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Day with GG Jane

Today, Mommy wanted to go workout, so Jackson spent the afternoon with GG Jane. I took him over to her house at about noon and he was in a great mood! He loves her to death and gets so excited when she's around. The minute we walk in her house, he looks all around, taking in everything (as if he has never been there) At her house, he has a Sesame Street walker that he is a maniac in now--he is ALL OVER THE PLACE! And FAST! So while Mommy was gone, they played and napped. When I got back, we decided to make a trip to Target because I had to pick up a few things: bumpers for the fireplace! (Jackson's new thing is pulling up on the fireplace, which makes me super nervous and I am constantly telling him "No No, sit down" which I know he doesn't fully understand...hence the bumpers) But basically what happened when we got there was that Mommy and GG Jane wondered around almost all the aisles in the baby section and toy section and found WAY more than we went there for (I do that alot) Jackson got some new clothes and some adorable new PJs..and then he got an early Valentine's gift from GG Jane--a Playskool Busy Ball Popper. I personally love this toy--Jackson, not so much! He is actually a little afraid of it! It's kinda funny! You push the lever on the side and the air compressor comes on, along with a cute song, and the balls POP up from the tunnel...and the minute I turn it on, Jackson high tails it to Mommy, crawls up my lap, and whimpers! I think it the sound of the air compressor, because he likes putting the balls in when it's turned off...just not when you turn it on! It's actually for 9+ months, so I'm hoping he grows into the sound! But I like it, and that's all the really matters, right?! The ironic thing: Jackson was wearing this shirt all day! How appropriate!

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