Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The past week has been kinda busy, but not really. We haven't really done anything exciting. Jackson loves sitting outside, so basically, we've spent time out in the yard, with him in his pack n' play or stroller, washing cars, pulling weeds and doing yard work, or just sitting by grandma's pool. We've taken a bunch of walks and trips to the park...and slept alot!

Some new things Jack Jack is up to: he got his 3rd tooth! And the 4th one is peeking through! But now that he has discovered them, he grinds them together--it's the worst sound ever. You can't really do anything about it, other than stick your finger in his mouth and say "no no".

Jackson loves paper--and he seems to find any little piece of it on Mommy's floor! I have never vacuumed so much as I have since Jack arrived. I am usually a neat freak, but I am constantly sanitizing the tile in the kitchen and Swiffering the wood floor in the living and vacuuming the bedrooms--it's exhausting! But usually is Jackson's mouth is moving and it's not time for him to eat, he's gotten a hold of something and he's chewing on it! He's like a squirrel and stores things in the sides of his cheeks!

We also brought the walker over from GG Jane's to our house, and he is ALL OVER THE PLACE!! Especially Mommy's workout videos--they will have to go on a higher shelf on the entertainment center, because they always end up on the floor......

We are re-decorating the studio this week, so we haven't been taking many pictures this week, but I'll get some more tomorrow!


Sheri said...

Poor little guy - he looks exhausted but still adorable!

Ramie Babcock said...

We were watching Regis and Kelly, and I looked over, and I thought he was just staring at the TV, but nope! He was zonked!