Monday, February 05, 2007


After Jackson's first Super Bowl party, we had some catching up to do on the sleep! But it didn't faze him...he was up and giggling at 7:30! After some peaches for breakfast, we played a little, while Mommy did some laundry and picked up the house a bit (thank goodness it was still clean from the weekend!)

In the afternoon, we took a long walk to the park. Jack loves the park! It is so quiet and peaceful...sometime, I would love to take him there at naptime and let him lay on a blanky while I read a book. But we played on the swings for a long time, then headed back for his afternoon nap--which he took half of in the stroller on the way home!

Daddy got home just in time for his bath--after taking off his diaper, he took off! I just love that naked hiney!


tAsH said...

Ramie- What a sweet boy! Is Jackson going to have red hair??? Who is a red head in the family??? Love you!!!

Ramie Babcock said...

We have some great grandparents with red hair--we're both Irish, so there you go! BUT, yesterday in the sun, it was super blong! So I am hoping that is continues to get blonder!!