Monday, October 30, 2006

4 Month Check-up

Jackson checked out FANTASTIC today at Dr. Wardell's office! He weighs 14.8 lbs (50th %), 25.5 inches long (60th %) and 41cm head (50th %). She still claims his skin is perfect....I love that! He is right on course growth-wise. He also got 4 shots was horrible, but we both survived! He was asleep for the first one, but was abruptly awakend by the sharp needle in his thigh. The second shot was a booster in the upper was awful--it made him shake so bad. But I was strong and didn't cry, just kept leaning over him with my nose on his cheek....he got some cute stickers though and smiled when it was over! Dr. Wardell says Jackson is a little charmer--that he is! He flirts with her like crazy!

Since we are exclusively breastfeeding, at 4 months, you need to start supplementing iron--whether by vitamin drops or rice cereal. Everyone who knows me has found that I research as much as possible before doing anything....and thus I have been reading up on feeding this baby! I LOVE the Super Baby Foods book by Ruth Yuron...I recommend it to everyone! It recommends Earth's Best Organic rice cereal, so we went out and got some today! (It also teaches you about making your own baby food, which, yes, we are going to do as well! Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but I don't care...! That will be in about 2 more months when he hits 6 months) We were at Grandma Netty's when the first taste of rice cereal hit his mouth. Here's how it went:

We put him in the booster seat, mixed the rice cereal with breast milk, and got the spoon ready. I put the spoon in front of Jackson, and before it was in his mouth, he was chomping his lips like he was chewing and going "hmm hmmm hmmm" it was freaking hillarious! It was like he knew what was coming! And the first bite was just that--a bite! He bit down on the spoon, and sucked the cereal right off of there! Most of it stayed in his mouth too! I was so proud! He didn't make a face or anything--he actually really liked it! He ate 1.5 tablespoons of it and was such a happy baby til just a bit ago when he conked out for the night. Unfortunately we didn't have the video camera with us, but I will definately get in on video and film tomorrow night when we do the routine all over again, this time in his high chair. It was pretty entertaining!


Sheri said...

Did his shots affect him later? What a trooper he is, most adults can't even handle 1 shot let alone 4.

He looks just right to me, too. Just the perfect son!

Ramie Babcock said...

Actually, he WAS a trooper, and hasn't been fussy at all! Just a little sleepy. When does Coop go for his shots? I hated it...I'm sure Lea does too. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the slideshow you sent Mom--I sent an email. He is freaking adorable! A perfect blend of the two of them! :)