Monday, October 23, 2006

In the Kitchen with Great-Grandma

This morning, my grandma and I headed to the grocery store for "shopping 101." We were shopping on a budget--Adam and I sat down last month to go over finances to see where all our money was going every month because we want to put more into savings....everyone should do that from time to time...and we noticed that a HUGE chunk was being spent on eating out! Yikes! So, my goal is to eat for as cheap as possible--that's where grandma comes in. That woman can feed 15 people for about $20! You know, the good, old fashioned home cooked country food. Not only did I want to save money, but time in the kitchen--Jackson does not sit still for too long, and Rachel Ray's meals take too long (30 minutes, yeah right!)

Grandma and I cooked most of the day, with Jackson right there with us. I hope to teach him to cook someday. That is one thing that I absolutely love about my husband--he is an amazing cook. He can take ingredients and throw together a meal better than I can. (If only I could get him to pick his socks up and put his ties away!) I'm not sure where he learned all his cooking skills--his mom, his grandma, his grandpa Tom, or whether he's just talented--but I know that someday I want Jackson to be able to cook a great meal for his wife, too.

While in the kitchen with Grandma, I came up with the idea that we should write a book--about cooking on a budget. I spent about $80.00 and have a calendar menu for 5 weeks worth of meals! Amazing! Yes, I said WEEKS! With most of the meals costing about $3.00/person. So someday, when I have time between raising babies, my photo business, and general upkeep of my home, I'll write a book. Until then, keep checking the blog....


Sheri said...

Hey Ramie - I would love a copy of your 5 week calendar of meals and recipes - I am burnt out coming home from work and trying to think of something to eat - day after day, year after year - it does get old. WISH I WAS WITH YOU BOTH HELPING IN THE KITCHEN - I can imagine how much fun you two (I mean 3) had just spending time together! :)

Ramie Babcock said...

It's times like that that I hope Jackson will remember, just like I did with my own GG years ago making donuts in her little kitchen! I'll email you the calendar! It's becoming very popular!