Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Good Morning, Daddy

This morning started off rough, but ended up fabulous! I fed Jack Jack (we finally saw the Incredibles last night, and I've been calling him that all day--it was a "totally wicked" movie!) at 4:45am, and then had the same recurring clogged duct pain, so I decided to just wake up and get some stuff done. Yes, it was 5:15am...I know, I'm nuts, but hey, I had coffee so I was wired at about 5:30! I played on the computer, windexed, swiffered, cloroxed--all before the baby got up. Adam got up sleepy this morning and decided to have a lazy morning with Jackson. They both got up at about 8:15, took a bath, and were super happy! I vaccuumed and showered while they played for a bit and watched Curious George, then Daddy went to work. Jackson and I played, took some quick pics, then, the Grandma's came over. Jackson supervised while we put together his high chair--I needed to free up some space in his closet for his pack n play that doesn't get used much anymore. We put him in the new chair, and he looked SO little in that big thing! He fits, though, and likes the tray b/c he can see all of his toys and grab for them. Although the little monster only wanted to chew on the new plastic straps that he discovered in the first 2 minutes....and then wouldn't look up for pictures after that! We went shopping and then had a nice dinner at Great Grandma Jane's, where we played alot, tooted alot, and gave lots of was a great day!

In my time on the computer this morning, I did some more research on my painful left breast. In case you didn't know, I've been having throbbing pain on the left side for about a month now--always right after I feed Jackson. There is no lump to indicate a clog, so I went to a breast specialist about 4 weeks ago, and he told me I have a duct that does not drain properly and to combat it with pain pills--that doesn't solve my problem buddy! I can't take a heavy duty pain pill everytime I feed the baby. I talked to a lactation consultant who had some remedies--all of which I've read about in books--but after trying all of them, it still didn't help. After reading ALOT of stuff this morning, I finally broke down and got an electric breast pump to help drain the duct fully after every feeding. I've been using a manual pump, which was fine for getting milk, but not pulling hard enough to drain that side. And I figured it will help me be able to continue to give Jackson breast milk even after I wean him from the breast at about 6 months...and I'll have it around for the next baby too! Although I didn't splurge on the expensive $350 pump, I found a really great one for $150 that got rave reviews on Baby and Lansinoh Double Pump. So let's hope the pain goes away sooner than later! Otherwise, I'll be cranky for the next 3 months, being stubborn and still breast feeding the little guy! I refuse to give up!


Annette said...

Good luck with the milking "ole Bessie"!!

Sheri said...

Do you think daddy could handle all that pain that mommy goes through?

Ramie Babcock said...

Heck no! He can't handle getting only 6 hours of sleep a night...big baby!