Thursday, October 19, 2006

Attic Find

Years ago, my mom babysat for a little boy that lived across the street from us in Wichita, Colin Joseph. His mom was a teacher and would bring him over EARLY in the morning. He was about 10 months old, and the cutest little guy in the whole world--that is, until Jackson came along! We loved Colin to death, and then his mom and dad moved to San Antonio--so sad. We got this booster seat for Colin, so he could sit and eat breakfast with us, watch us do homework, etc. and my mom had saved it all these year. Colin is probably about 13 years old now...and so is this booster seat! But we got it out of the attic yesterday after we put the high chair together, b/c Jackson really likes the tray in the front. So now we have a high chair at Grandma's too....can anyone say crayons and vanilla waffers?! Someday! Grandpa Scott is in the background making goofy faces at him to make him smile!

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