Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or Treat!

Oh what a day! Jackson woke up just a smiling and ready for his first Halloween! During the day, he finally got to wear the adorable onsie Trick or Treat outfit that Grandma Peg and Grandpa Tom got him--it had booties, a hat, and a bib and was super cute! We headed over to Grandma Netty's to get ready--Mommy's costume was over there, along with the thermals for Jackson's costume.

Once in his Lion costume and me as Dorothy (Texafied though with red cowboy boots instead of heals!) (Daddy was supposed to be the Scarecrow, but didn't have time to get his stuff together--so he manned the camera), we headed out the door to make our rounds Trick or Treating. But not before we got some pictures taken outside! My parent's next door neighbors, Karl and Nichole, had their niece in town, so we got some pictures with Miss Sasha in her ladybug costume! She was so cute! And boy did she get some candy!

Then we were off! We stopped by Aunty Di and Uncle Russ's house. He even reached out and dug in her candy bowl!

On our next stop was my friend Lindsey's mom's house--she lives in our neighborhood. She was dressed as a witch and Jackson just stared at her! Amazingly, he was scared at all (we haven't gotten to that stranger faze yet) He did get his hands on a long tootie roll, which went straight for his mouth! (No, he did not get to eat it--mean mommy!) We'll have to stop by there again sometime when we are not in costume and have some more time to play. After that, is was on to GGs (great grandma) house. We sat him on her island and let him dig in the candy basket--big mistake! All the Almound Joys were smashed and thrown across the kitchen! I don't think he liked those, but he liked the Snickers (Mommy's favorite!)

After a long night of being in our costume, Jackson was tired and HOT! We forgot that he was in a thermal undershirt and a hat, and when we took the hat off, his little bald head was covered in sweat! (Silly Daddy even put Jackson's Lion hat on--it fit!) So we stripped down to our diaper, ate some rice cereal--another tablespoon (chunky monkey!) and took a nice long bath, full of splashes! Let's just say that little Jack slept very well last night after a full day of fun!

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