Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"I catch WHOLE BIG NEMOs!"

The next weekend, my friend Lindsey came into town on Friday night to stay with us and she brought her little dog Molly--Jackson LOVED Molly! He kept saying "Come here, doggy!" She was precious! We had a great night with Miss Winzey...and then we headed to the lake in the morning! Early--6:30am early. Adam wanted to be sure that we got a full weekend in with the Hanegans. Mr. and Mrs. Hanegan built a lake house on Lake Sam Rayburn a few years back and we've gone as a family one other time (but it RAINED and RAINED the entire weekend...uhh) but this time, the weather was PERFECT! When we got there, Wade and Lauren were out on the new boat: Ms. Hanegan got a new Suntracker Pontoon boat (which I LOVED! I grew up on a Suntracker, so I was super excited to get out on the lake in it!) and Mr. Hanegan just got a new BassTracker (which Adam was in love with!)

So when Wade and Lauren got back, we jumped on the boat and headed out to the middle of the lake to swim! Jackson thoroughly enjoyed it! He jumped right in and swam all around the boat! He helped Wade drive the boat, too!

When we got back, the boys fished! And I mean FISHED! Jackson started out on the shoreline....he didn't catch much there.

The water was only 1 foot deep (it came up to about my ankles in some parts, and up to my calf in other parts, so we put just the tube on Jackson and let him walk in the water. Us girls just tied ourselves to the back of the boat on floats and got GREAT tans (for the first time all summer...what's wrong with me! I'm usually a sun-whore!) Well, Mr. Hanegan was enjoying Jackson's Cars fishing rod that he got for his birthday--he would wade out, cast, and he was catching a bunch of little perch. He would tell Jackson "Jack, I'm tired of fishing, would you like to try and catch a fish?" Jackson would say "Yes!" and grab the pole (little did he know that Mr. Hanegan had ALREADY caught a fish and it was on the line, just waiting to be reeled in!) Jackson would start reeling and get so excited! He caught 7 Nemos that way!
He even caught a catfish, but it broke off the line just seconds after I took this picture!

WOW! Mr. Hanegan used to do the same thing when Wade and his sisters were little...he was stuck to Jackson most of the weekend--He was having fun! The boys wanted to go out on the boat and he said "Go ahead, I'll stay here with Jackson, we're just fine!" They ended up on the boat and they trolled around the cove catching fishing and peeing off the side of the boat! HA! When we were back at the house, Jackson would open his arms up really big and say "I catch WHOOOOLLLE BIIIGG NEEEEMOs! Seben! Seben!"


We watched the Olympics and played with trains and had a great time--I was so relaxed! These are the amazing windows on the back side of their cabin--the sun came in so beautifully in the morning!
The best part, I felt great! First time in this whole pregnancy! I didn't get sick once! But I paid for it on Monday and Tuesday--I didn't move off the couch and I can't tell you how many times I threw up....but my mini-vacation was well worth it! We had a blast!!

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Sheri said...

WOW!!! Jackson, you would make any fisherman jealous. Did daddy let you keep any of the Nemos?