Thursday, August 21, 2008

Longest day ever

So this morning, we got up and dropped Jackson off with my mom. We had our appointment with the specialist, Dr. Rowe. Although my appointment was at 11:00am, I didn't get in until we sat and waited. To kill time, Adam and I played BeJeweled on his cell phone!

Dr. Rowe's nurse took me in and did the first ultrasound. She confirmed what we saw with Dr. Taylor. And then Dr. Rowe came in and looked at the scan with us. He walked us through everything. He is wonderful! Sooo nice, lives down the street from us with 4 boys of his own....I just could not have asked for a more compassionate man to help explain it all. Basically, it's just something that happened. The yolk sac looked great, the blood flow was normal, but the baby measured only 8 weeks 2 days, so it happened sometime last week. He said it could have been a chromosome issue, it could have been a heart defect....we just don't know. And it's not to say that we won't have a healthy baby the next time. The likelihood of it happening again? 1% chance of a heart defect in the next birth, 3% chance of a chromosome abnomality in the next birth, 97% chance of a happy, healthy baby. The fact that we already have a healthy baby is proof that we can produce a healthy baby. He is not worried one bit. He also suggested we NOT send anything off to labs to have DNA testing, as it would not show anything anyway (we are past the 72 hour stage).

So we headed back to Dr. Taylor's office--to sit and wait. She had a c-section and a surgery, and we sat for 2.5 hours! I was frustrated, but understood that there was no control over it. I would not see another doctor, obviously. We had talked about our options--to have a D&C or just wait it out and see if I would pass the miscarriage on my own, sometime. With a 2 year old, I really didn't think I should just wait it out and hope that I didn't have severe bleeding or cramping when I was home alone with him, or driving, or out shopping. When we talked it over with Dr. Taylor, she said it was our decision, but in some cases, I would have to have the surgery anyway, so that sealed the deal for me. We immediately scheduled the D&C for the next morning.

So as soon as she scheduled us with the hospital, I had to walk over to Clear Lake Regional for Pre-Op--which I sat and waited for another 2.5 hours. Basically, I sat in waiting rooms for nearly 6 hours today. Lovely.

The anestisiologist that spoke to me is the same gentleman who did my epidural with nice and compassionate as well. For this surgery, I will be completely under, and Dr. Taylor will have the assurance of the ultrasound, as well as a specialist on hand just in case. I love how thorough she is. It might scare some people, but I know she is just covering all bases, and I'm happy with that.

So tonight, I've taken some medicine that makes me nauseas, but will help weaken my cervix for surgery tomorrow. We tried to make the most of our evening, so that we were not just sitting at home thinking about tomorrow, so we had a really nice dinner at Ichibon's (the hibachi place! Loved it!) Jackson ate EVERY PIECE OF HIS DINNER WITH CHOP STICKS!! NO JOKE! They brought him some kiddie chopsticks and he really would not use his "pork" or "poon" (he can say his 's' but he chooses not to on those two words...weird....) After dinner, we came home and cleaned out my van--it was little messy to say the least! We took it to the car wash and cleaned it, vacuumed it, and gave it that new car smell spray!

Then, we headed to Main Event for some family BOWLING! I have video of it, and Jackson was hillarious, but I'll post that later.

Right now, I feel like crap and I want to throw up and keel over from the pain in my I'm going to bed. We have to be at the hospital at 7:30am, with surgery at 9:00am....then, I'm sleeping for 3 days. Good night.....

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