Friday, June 06, 2008

Happy Bertday PawPaw Tott!!

Thursday was Pawpaw Scott's birthday! Jackson and I practiced all morning singing "Happy Birthday to you!" and saying Happy Birthday Papa...then, after a conference call, Jackson, MeeMaw and I headed to Randall's to pick up PawPaw's favorite chocolate cake and a balloon. And not just any balloon--a special balloon that Jackson paid for with his own money. Seriously! Every time we are at MeeMaw's and Jackson pee pees on the big boy potty, he gets a quarter. Why? No, we don't always bribe my kid, but he really loves money and putting money in his bank, so it was just the perfect reward! Some kids get an M&M, mine gets a quarter! At MeeMaw's house, he has the Curious George lunch box that Grandma Patty got Jackson for Christmas (b/c he took it over there one day and it became his bank) and that's where he puts all of his "moneeeeey!" So we grabbed the lunch box and headed out the door. And when we got to Randall's, Curious George in tow, he grabbed PawPaw a balloon and paid for it himself! Jackson's first purchase!! YEAH!!l "Tank too" "It PawPaw bertday?" "Happy bertday PawPaw" "Ba-oon fo PawPaw"....and then, came the cake:

Oh his birthday is going to be soooo much fun!!


Sheri said...

I had to laugh with Jackson - CUTE CUTE video.

You keep going potty Jackson - lets break Grandma's bank!

gma2jack said...

Ha! With the price of diapers these days, I can give alot of quarters for a job well done:)