Saturday, May 31, 2008


We love reading comments from our blog readers! It's nice to see who all is keeping up with my Jack Jack. To leave a comment, all you need to do is:

1. Click on COMMENT at the bottom of the post
2. Type your comment
3. Select your blogger login or type your name
4. Click on Publish Your Comment

It's pretty easy! We have a few faithful commenters (Miss Sheri, GmaJack, Aunt Tacey, GG Jane) but we welcome everyone! You can leave questions, comments, or just a nice "Hello"!

Love you all! Now get posting!


Delee said...

Hey, Ramie, glad to see you back! I've missed catching up with you in person and on your blog! I know we'll get together soon - can't wait to hear all the good things going on in your life - hugs,

gma2jack said...

Just testing my ability to follow instructions:)

andria said...

I better comment before I lose my ability to do so.

I got Jackson a Henry tank engine book at Target for 88 cents the other day. Of course my husband packed it so I may never see it again, but youll have to come over when we move and fetch it if I do run across it.

We're moving Sat.