Thursday, June 12, 2008

This week....long....

Okay, so lots has been happening at our house lately...more pictures to come (I'll post them on this entry too, so check back later), I promise, but I have to blog some of the fun stuff that happened this week before I forget.

On Sunday, I took Jackson to the train tracks to get some shots for his birthday card--and although his head was down the ENTIRE time watching the tracks, I managed to get a bunch of fun shots (including the one for the front of his card where he was saying "um-on momma!").

On Monday, we ran a TON of errands getting some stuff for his birthday party (yes, it's in full swing around here!), then picked up GG Jane and headed to Kemah to ride the rides. We also stopped into the Thomas the Train store and Jackson went BANANAS!! All the trains, the train table, the track, the cool new destinations (even Mommy was having a blast checking out all the new Thomas stuff!) We especially love the new Thunder and Lighting track, the Chocolate Factory, the Roller Coast, and the Power Plant (to name a few!).

Tuesday was FABULOUS!! We had Little Gym in the morning, and we were the only ones in the class that day! We have a new teacher (not sure about her yet) and Jackson showed off by following most of her directions. After LG, my friend Courtney West (she just got married on Saturday, and I shot the wedding) and her little girl Delaney (born on the same day as Jackson, just a few hours earlier!) came for a play date! Courtney and I had some wedding stuff to finalize, so the kiddos played trains while we chatted, then we ate lunch at Chick-fil-A, and then headed to Target to wander and shop (it was pouring down rain--yuck!). We had big plans of laying by the pool and letting the kids swim, but it was storming, so we shopped! Honestly, very relaxing. The kids didn't take a nap, so the minute they left, Jackson was OUT. They had so much fun (Jackson needs to work on sharing his toys a little more), but they did GREAT together!!

On Wednesday, Mommy worked ALL day in the office. I am ALMOST caught up on books (Lauren and Hillary are next to post--early next week, I hope!) and then I walked to GG Jane's to get Jackson and meet up with Daddy for dinner (GG cooked for us! Yeah!) Right after dinner, we hoped in the car to Galveston to see our friend Nathan who is in town. We went straight to the beach and Jackson and I collected sea shells for Mommy's beachy bathroom! He kept picking up shells and saying "It a good one Momma...It a good one!", b/c I kept telling him, "Okay, let's find the good ones!" We were only down there for about 2 hours, but it seemed like time stood still--I love the beach...the sound of the waves and the ocean breeze....awesome! We stopped at Marble Slab on the way home....gooooood.

On Thursday, I had to shoot some watches at Lewis Jewelers all day. When I was done, I met up with the family at Grandma Netty and Grandpa Scotts--because it was MeeMaw's Bertday! YEAH! Jackson got MeeMaw some Calla Lilies, and the rest of us all went in on the best present ever--a W-ii!! Oh my gosh! SOOO much fun! Daddy got off work early and we ate dinner, opened her present, ate cake, then played W-ii ALL NIGHT LONG!! I love the bowling, the tennis, and the boxing!! Jackson even got in on the action--I have it all on video, so don't worry, you'll get to see it soon!!


But the best thing happened tonight--many of you know that Jackson has been actively potty training since 18 months old. He started showing all the signs and was interested, so we didn't push him, we just made sure that he was going on the potty alot and wearing the big boy pants as often as possible...kind of easing him into it. I really thought he would be fully potty trained by his 2nd birthday--practicing couldn't hurt, right? Well, we are there!! We have gone out in public with only big boy pants on (not pull-ups, full on tighty-whities!) about 4 times now with no trouble!!! He poops almost every day on the potty ("I POOOP!" and runs to the potty) and usually grabs himself and says "I pee! Oh, I pee, I pee, I pee" as he runs to the potty. Well, tonight was the clencher. He took his bath, and after I dried him off, I went to get a pull up for bedtime and got distracted by the laundry. Daddy was laying on the bed playing with my new iTouch. Jackson was in the potty--we didn't know what he was doing. All of a sudden, he comes running over to me and says "I pee pee!" I said "Oh shit, Adam, he must have peed on the floor, can you find where he went?!" So Adam asked "Where did you pee pee, Jackson?" and Jackson took him into the potty. In the bottom: poop. I said "did you put him up there?" "No. Did you?" "No." Jackson: "I did!" and with that, he shows us how he climbed up on the potty and proceeds to pee. I have never danced and screamed and laughed so hard in my life!!!! He climbed up like a little monkey, grinning from ear to ear!! He was so PROUD of himself! And we are too!! He is SOOOOO there! We have been wearing big boy pants during the day, but officially tonight, we are in them full time (if we can keep this up!) I am on cloud nine right now!! So many people thought I was nuts trying to get him potty trained. "He's too young!" "Good luck with that, it will never happen..." well, so far so good! LOTS of encouragement! LOTS of praise and EXCITEMENT about the potty, and look what happens!! YEAH!!!!

Tomorrow is a big day for us: our kitchen re-facing will be done! Long story about the countertops to come, but we will have the new countertops and then the tile guy (our very good friend Eric) will be here all weekend finishing up the backsplash and the fireplace! Yeah!

And a busy weekend to come: Sarah + Jonathan's wedding Friday and Saturday in Galveston, a children's session on Sunday in Kingwood and a Maternity session on Sunday (if she doesn't go into labor early! PRAY!!) in Humble. So we are busy busy busy....July. I'm almost to July and my month off.....

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Sheri said...

Jackson is "BIG BOY"! Nice job on potty training. Now it is time to start all over with another one and diapers! :)

Looking forward to all the new pictures!