Friday, June 20, 2008

New Kitchen Update

Okay, so do you want to know why I haven't blogged much lately, nor have I gotten much work done with the business? Two words: new kitchen! Well, it's not really new, just a new counter top, new back splash, new hardware, and someday, newly painted cabinets and hardware. But so far, we've only gotten the first 3 on that list nearly completed. So here's the story:

We were in this house 4 days and decided "the blue has got to go." I just really didn't like it. I thought I could live with it, but I could not. So, we priced it out and after debating a TON over the counter top color, I compromised and went with the lighter, more neutral color. We chose Avanza Quartz in Portafino. We paid a little extra for a fancy 1.5" bevel. And then we waited 3 weeks for them to be made. When the guys showed up to install, the counter tops were bull nose. Not the 1.5" pretty bevel. (if you know me, I hate anything rounded. I like things to be clean lines and straight and squared...hence everything in my home is SQUARE--or will be soon) So, I tried to be nice about it and I just said "Go ahead and put it all in and I'll see if I like it, and if I can live with it." So they did, and I hated it. BUT, they were nice and left the pieces in while they made new ones for 3 weeks.
Bull nose mistake

New faucet

My microwave has been collecting dust in my formal living room for a month now.

Last week, the correct pieces were brought to my house. I had asked the last installers what they did with all the old pieces, and they said these pieces that are cut wrong will just sit at the warehouse until someone throws them away. So Adam and I got the idea that we would just pay the guys to leave us a few pieces. AND THEY DID!! We gave them $50 and asked how many we could keep: and they put 3 huge pieces in the backyard!! YEAH!! Those 3 pieces will be used to create Adam's outdoor kitchen someday soon!! What a deal!

Installation of Bevel counter tops

Thank you countertop installer guys (suckers..$50...hehe!!)

So after my great new 1.5" bevel countertops were installed, I LOVED them!! HUGE difference! That same day, our good friend Eric came over to start the backsplash: 4" tumbled marble on a 45* angle. So cool. After many days of hard labor in putting those pieces just right, we are at the stage of sealing and then caulking the base and edges (he's doing that on Monday!) Yeah!! I LOVE my "new" kitchen! I can't stop staring at it! Since Jackson's birthday is next week, we are leaving the staining of the cabinets until sometime later. Anything would have been better than that blue, but I think we did pretty good with our selections (I have to say, I was really nervous about them, but I love them now!)

Eric working hard

Grout starting to dry

Awwww...put back together and functioning again!

In the meantime, I did get new curtains and curtain rods for my downstairs: formal, dining, and family room. I also got a new light fixture for the dining room that Adam put up last night. I have video of Jackson helping which I'll post when I have time next week. Right now, I'm uploading photos and killing time.....just so you know!

Eric is still currently working on the fireplace, so I'll post those pics when he gets finished!

During all of this lovely "re-facing" (as I've been calling it) Jackson has either been intently helping everyone that walks in our door "I elp! I elp!" (he carries, or steals, their tools....seriously) or he just plays trains:

And apparently my new curtains are not just pretty, they are multi-functional. They serve as great hiding places too!

And today, as I was working on the computer getting Lauren and Wade's book posted, Jackson was being awfully quiet. As I turned the corner, I found Jackson in the booster seat that Daddy brought home from work (someone bought it for a quick trip to Houston and then gave it to Adam...they didn't want to lug it home) just chillin, singing/whispering his ABCs with the cool book lights on....everyone needs to be alone sometimes--until Mommy busts in with the f-ing camera!! Can't a kid get a little privacy!

...uhh, no.

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