Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kemah with Cooper

This morning, Adam and I had a meeting, but as soon as we were out, we headed to Mom's to pick up the gang and head to Kemah for a day of fun! (although it's spring break and there were TONS of people...I hate crowds...and crowds with kids and other screaming kiddos is my kind of nightmare!)

We got there and headed for the ticket counter to get passes for the train and the carousel. Jackson kept pointing to the "Twaaaaaynnnn--CHOO CHOO!" We rode the carousel first and both of the boys liked it, although it took Cooper a minute to be comfy on it and start waving! Then, HE was a waving machine, where as Jackson just really wanted to stare at the gears and figure out how they worked!

We then headed to the "aaaapane" ride. And I really have never seen Jackson so excited! He RAN to the line and stood patiently. I took the kids on that ride by myself so that we could save a ticket for another ride. Jackson and Cooper sat next to each other and Jackson would tell him "I dwive" "I dwive". They LOVED it!!

Then, on to lunch at Joe's Crab shack where the boys sat next to each other and colored and shared food! After lunch, we took some pictures by the aquarium and Sheri and I took the boys upstairs to see the fish in the giant aquarium--and we were lucky enough to catch them while they were cleaning/feeding the fishes and the shark! Jackson just couldn't stop staring at the man in the water! He was so curious about it! Cooper was a little nervous--he didn't know what to think about it either!

We finally made our way to the "twaaayyyynnee" and then back to the airplane for one last go round before we called it a day! Exhausting (we all came home and took naps) but so much fun!

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grandma Netty said...

What a great day with such good boys!!