Thursday, March 20, 2008

Egg Hunt and Beach with Cooper

This morning we got up early to get ready for the "egg hunt" for the boys! Mommy had a photo shoot, so Daddy got Jackson dressed (including spiked hair!) and ready. When the gang showed up, Miss Sheri had everything in tow for the egg hunt! She is so creative! The boys had Sesame Street eggs, and Elmo eggs, and crayons, and Bunny soap, and Carrot bubbles, and suckers, and eggs with money...lots of things for them to find! Here is the sequence of events--it's long!

After the egg hunt, we all went to lunch and then the rest of the gang headed to Galveston while Aunt Tacey and I headed to work. Booo....but I hear the boys had a blast! Jackson enjoyed running from the tide and playing in the sand!

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