Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter in El Campo

On Saturday, we got up and around and packed to run errands and then head to El Campo for Easter. When we got there, Jackson took to the riding lawn mower in the front and would not get off of it!

Once we were able to pry him off of it, we headed to Walmart. I've been a little scatter-brained lately and had not gotten Jackson an Easter basket. Luckily, Grandma Patty had a great basket that we just needed to spruce up a bit (to match his Easter outfit!) so we had to get some fabric! When we got home, Adam took charge and made Jackson's Easter basket! Good job, Daddy! Aunt Rickie even threw in some letters for us to put Jackson's name on the front!

Then the Easter bunny showed up at Grandma Patty's early! All the kiddos got their baskets and we had a fun hunt in the front yard. Camden really stole the show--it was his 3rd egg hunt, so he was a pro! Aunt Rickie got the boys an octopus spout cover that inks and Jack Jack called it an "Oc-puss"...whatever that is!

Grandma Patty got in on the carrots that were filled with Pixie Stick sugar...lovely! Jackson liked it so much that he went around and found all of the carrots and would go up to his uncles and say "OPEN"!

And we now know that Jackson likes hard-boiled eggs....

The kids got to sit at the little kids table this year! Jackson sat and ate TONS of his food on his own..and then even got to have a big boy cup for dinner (I couldn't find the sippy cup...). Grandma Patty showed him that it was a special cup that lit up! Sooo cool!

After dinner, we opened an Eater box from Aunt Kathy and the kids got a bnch of fun stuff to play with! Along with those presents, Grandma Patty got the boys all matching outfits. We always try and get pictures with all of them together--and at this age, it just doesn't happen. Oh well!!

The big kids all went out that night to have our own "hunt"--find the colored drinks! Yeah! We got up this morning and went to mass at St. Philips. After church, we went home and took some family pictures (which again, we always try and do and never remember) before we headed back to League City....

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