Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cooper and Jackson

So much is going on in our lives right now, but we are getting a bit of a break since our good friends, The Meyers, have come down from Wichita for a visit! Lea and Cori and Stacey and I grew up together with the kid sin the Condo Gang (we all lived in condos on Evergreen as little ones and our parents all got together once a month for a game party--we would play while they played cards and chit chatted) Now as adults, Lea and I were married a week apart and then had our babies 9 days apart! Crazy! So Lea, her little boy Cooper, Cori, and their mom Sheri all came down to Texas for spring break....

Jackson and Cooper started out a bit rough. Cooper was playing with Jackson's toys when we first walked in the door, and since no one but Jackson has ever played with those toys, Jack Jack was a little territorial. But Cooper gave Jackson a bit hug when we came in and Jackson did the same, so that was good! Then, it was the battle for the toys...for a little bit. Once we got the sharing thing down, and the "toy has to go in timeout if you can't play nice", we were fine. How do you reason with a 20 month old?

This morning, we got up and headed to Fun Max Jump-in (we love that place). Daddy didn't work til late this afternoon, so he joined us. We had so much fun (for the hour that we lasted!) Cooper took a little bit to warm up, but when he did, the boys chased each other, went down the slides together, raced around...it was fun to watch! Even the parents had a good time (although we were pretty tired when we left) Jackson kept turning around motioning for Cooper to "come on" and Cooper would stand at the bottom of the slide with his arms out ready to catch the next person! They are both too funny! I wish we got better pictures, but I was trying to shoot while ON the moonwalks (hence the blur) and my camera was set to a custom funky setting, so the colors were WAY off....oh well....

We ate lunch and let the boys play for bit before we headed to the mall for another fun adventure--the Easter Bunny! And although Jackson LOVED Santa, we've come to realize that he does not like characters in costume. He REALLY wanted off that stupid bunny! Cooper didn't like the bunny either! So, we paid for the crappy pictures, and got a coupon for $5.00 off Build-A-Bear!

So, we head to Build-A-Bear and both of the boys fall in love with the Scruffy Puppy (thank God, b/c do you know how bad it would have been if they got different bears and then fought over them!?!?!)

**Sidenote: I was SUPER excited about the Scruffy Puppy b/c I HAD a scruffy puppy when I was a baby. My Dad bought my Moma stuffed dog and named it "Scruffy" when she was preggers with me. And, we've had it ever since! So, I'm glad Jackson has one of his own now!**

They had a blast making their puppies! They each took their turn. Jackson went first in picking out his heart and giving it a kiss, then stepping on the peddle to fill it, then watching her carefully sew him up. Then, Cooper picked out his heart and stuck it in his puppy and stepped on the peddle...they each said thank you and Jackson then made the girl making them give his a hug! On to the fluffing station Jackson was terrified of the loud air fluffer...no clue...then we named it: Scruffy Jr.! Cooper picked out a really cute fishing outfit (his grandpa is a fly fisherman) and then named his: Buggard (after something you use to fly fish)! I thought they were both super cute!

At this point, the boys were spent. They were tired and cranky and whiny and pretty much everything you never want your child to be in public.

We ate dinner and then went on a walk and let the boys run along the sidewalks ALL THE WAY AROUND THE BLOCK! Then, they got to play in Grandpa Scott's car....then baths and EARLY bedtime. Both were out by 8:30pm!

We played cards and watched AI and DWTS and then everyone else has gone to bed...I still have some work to do....lovely!

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