Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Good Day

This morning we started off the day great--Jackson woke up smiling, I wasn't tired, he ate like a champ and played even harder before the grandmas came over to help cut back some of the crepe myrtle trees in my backyard. We got a lot of work done while he took his morning nap, including FINALLY figuring out the plans for the patio renovation (no, we still have not started on it yet, but will post pics VERY soon on the completion!)

This afternoon, Jackson impressed us all by finally jumping with both feet off the floor in his Jumperoo. He has been just hangin out in it, swinging back and forth, bending his legs...but today, he JUMPED! And then giggled like crazy! And I FINALLY had the video camera charged and got the whole thing on tape for Daddy to see when he gets home tonight!

Now for the bad part...Jackson found a new octive today. It is a hig-pitched shrill, to say the least. He sounds like a cat dying....and its loud! We have hardwood floors in our living/dining room with high ceilings, so it echos, and he really likes to hear himself echo in that room....I'm not sure how much of it I can take tonight, but we'll see what Daddy thinks! It's kinda cute, for like 30 seconds! And when you tell him to shooosh, he just smiles and giggles like he is super funny. Yeah, really funny little guy....mommy has a headache.... ha! The little booger is calling me now!

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Orvis Family said...

Macy found that shrill about a week and a 1/2 ago and she is playing it to death. I said the same thing....sounds JUST like a dying cat. How funny! We got o our 4 month check-up Friday and we are probably going to start on cereal! YEAH! this girl is eating us out of house and home...we started formula about a month ago--I couldn't take the breastfeeding and pumping and working at all. IT IS HARD!
We are about to get a Jumperoo too! She "stands up" all the time now and NEVER wants to lay (except when its time to eat). She sits up really well and wow is she active!
LOVE all the pics of Jackson! He is a DOLL! I wanted to get with you about some photos soon. We need to get some pics of our "family". What is your e-mail address?
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