Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Play Date with Ryan

A few weeks back, Jackson invited his "best friend" Ryan over for a play date! I can't believe he is big enough to have a best friend, AKA Partner in'll see what I mean....

Ryan is super cute! He's very polite! He is in Jackson's class at school, AND his Mom is in MOPS with me (and as a bonus, I really like his Mom! I could sit and chat with her for hours!! Also, b/c she loves to hold Everson...and it gives me a break! HA!). When Jackson was having a hard time going to school, we found out that Ryan was in MOPS with us, so we all went to lunch, and had some play dates, and now Jackson has a best friend at school--it's been great!

I discovered VERY quickly what life with two boys will be like someday. Jackson and Ryan went straight upstairs to play...and then the banging and clanging and yelling began!! HA! :)

When they got quiet, I knew they were doing something onery....including Ryan teaching Jackson how to climb on his book case! "Wait right there while I grab my camera, guys! Say Cheese! Now, GET DOWN!! No more climbing, okay?"

Even through all the noise, Everson "played" too...really, playing is great when you are 6 weeks old...I want to "play" too! Everyday! Can Mommy "play" too?! It would really get rid of these bags under my eyes!

They love to play pirates--they play pirates at school each day at recess according to Ms. Nancy. They climb on the jungle gym and then jump off--something they did at my house as well, and it made me a NERVOUS wreck!! But, they are boys, and as long as no one breaks and arm or leg, fine...make all the crazy noise you want to outside...throw all the balls you want to at each other..."WAIT! Not the golf balls!! Don't throw the golf balls!!"

Really, it was a fun afternoon! They entertained themselves for a few hours, and I was able to get some stuff done around the upstairs while they played--I could keep my eye on them by looking over the balcony to make sure they were still alive and not bleeding, then go fold the rest of the laundry...really, it was nice!! :)

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