Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Go Huskers!!

My dad has always been a Huskers fan--rightly so, since that is where he is from and where he went to college. Go Big Red! I grew up in a Husker house. I knew all about football before most little girls should, simply because I watched the games with my dad and had to learn WHY he was screaming at the TV! You catch on fast!!

So when Mom and Dad went back to Nebraska for Grandpa Joe's birthday, we were SOOO excited that they came home with the boys' first Husker gear! Jackson got a Husker shirt, jacket, football, and cup. Everson got a cute t-shirt, but it's a little big, so he's never worn it.

A few weeks later, we get a package in the mail. Grandpa Joe sent Everson the CUTEST onsie: "I'm little, but I'm LOUD! Go BIG RED!" I was soo excited, I busted out the Nebraska flag and got a few quick shots with my little Husker fans...Thanks Grandpa Joe!!

In turn, they are going to make GREAT Christmas gifts, which are in the mail right don't tell him!! :)

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