Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Harbour Christmas Program 2009

On Thursday, Jackson's preschool had their annual "Pajama Party for Baby Jesus!" Christmas Program! It was sooo cute!! Well, to me it was. For weeks, we've seen Jackson singing along to Little Drummer Boy, and doing action with the song...he was VERY excited about it!

A few weeks ago, we were asked to bring in coffee cans with handles. I mentioned this to my mom one day (because I don't drink that much coffee and I wasn't about to go out and BUY a huge tub just for that!) and she said, "Aren't you lucky? We just threw one away this morning. Here!" It was a blue Maxwell House tub. When we took it in to Miss Melissa, I noticed that almost everyone else had brought in red Folgers tubs, but I know it wouldn't matter, b/c they weren't going to be using ALL of the tubs--there were a TON! But apparently, my super observant, O.C.D. child noticed that HE brought in a BLUE tub. And since that day, he always asked for that blue tub--the one and only blue tub in the bag! One day during practice, Jackson was handed a red tub. He told Miss Melissa, "This one isn't mine. Mine is blue. I need my blue drum." That afternoon, Jackson came home from school upset b/c he didn't get his blue drum! At this point, I had no idea what he was talking about. But the day of the program, Miss Melissa filled us in, as she was darting past us to go get Jackson's blue drum!!

Notice in the video, she personally hands his drum to him! We LOVE LOVE LOVE the music teachers at his school--they are soo sweet and they love my kid, so that makes them even more special to me! Well, all of Jackson's teachers love on him, and it calms my heart knowing that he's not only learning, he's being nurtured and cared deeply about at the same time. I LOVE his school!! I can't say enough wonderful things about the sweet sweet ladies!

Jackson was a hoot during the show--his hat kept falling over his eyes, and the teachers would fix it...and he would pull it back down! You'll see it all in the video! And then at the end of the first song, he really didn't know where to put that big drum! It didn't fit on his lap, so he sets it to the side, then on the floor....as his Momma, I thought it was hysterical! Anyone else might just look at it and say, "what is that kid in the back doing?" but you have to know Jackson!! :)


After the 3yr olds were done, they were to sit and watch the 4 yr olds sing their 3 songs...and Jackson participated in their program as well! HA!! :)


Everson slept through the ENTIRE program!

He sees you when you're sleeping...

Jackson and Miss Melissa

Jackson and his best friend Ryan

Jackson and his best friends Ryan + Reed

Jackson + James

Jackson being silly with his hat...

Music Teacher Miss Kim

Music Teacher Miss Melissa


GG Jane said...

Thank you for inviting me to your Christmas program. You were the best and cutest one on stage.

Ramie Babcock said...

You are very welcome! We're glad you could be there!!

Sheri said...

So Cute! First of many wonderful programs to attend! The fun is just beginning!

Aunt Tacey said...

I loved going to Jackson's program. It was definitely taking the day off from work to go!!! Thanks for letting me come Beans. I love you!!