Tuesday, November 03, 2009


We have a great love of family game night these days! Last week, we played UNO on family game night: FGN means, No TV, No phones...we eat dinner, we get bathed, we get in our jammies, and we play games til it's time for bed. It helps keep Jackson a little calmer, and now that we have the baby, it's great one on one time with him. A lot of nights, Adam and I just want to unwind and watch our favorite TV show and zone out...the problem is that Jackson then feels like he's getting ignored and then it's REALLY hard to get him to go to sleep. So, we think we've found the solution!!

So yesterday, when Adam called and said he was having a bad day, I said "Come home, and you can eat and go to bed early." About 20 minutes later, I get a text that says "Family Game Night! I'm gonna kick your ass at UNO again!" (when we played UNO with Jackson, I lost every hand--EVERY SINGLE HAND!) And although UNO is GREAT for learning numbers and colors and taking turns, Momma didn't want to lose again!

I packed up the car with 2 kids and Memaw and we headed to Target to find some new games! And we hit the jackpot!!

A friend had suggested Sequence for Kids. We haven't played that one yet, b/c we found a really cool game that sounded like a lot of fun--ZINGO!! It's like Bingo...obviously.

Really, this is a great game for little kids. They learn to site read, image/word recognition, concentration and memory...and this game has won TONS of awards!

So we ate dinner, got our hot cocoa and popcorn ready, and sat at the table for some good family fun! Jackson had a BLAST (because he won...alot...and not on purpose) and Mommy liked the game too, but I LOST every round--AGAIN! I am not good at playing games against Jackson! He's either really lucky or I'm just really unlucky these days!!



Wow...Everson looks really fat here...BAD angle mommy, BAD ANGLE!!


Sheri said...

What a Great Memory you are giving Jackson! My family played cards on Saturday night and my kids still remember those fun great times with their grandparents! (Doesn't hurt that Jackson is learning, too!)

Ramie Babcock said...

I remember playing Monopoly with the 4 of us. Nearly every night! I would stay after school to get all my homework done, so that we could play right after dinner! The learning part is great, too! Dad made us count money--no calculators!! I hope FGN is something that we can do until the boys are GROWN!! :)

Camden's Mom said...

I LOVE the idea! We might just have to still it. I think Camden needs to get some games for Christmas!!!! I might have to buy one or two before then though. Love the video as well. Camden loves to watch Jack Jack on the "pacuter"!

Rickie Lynn said...

Yes, games for Christmas is a great idea!!!!!

Ramie Babcock said...

Games it is from Uncle Adam and Aunt Ramie--man, ya'll just made my shopping easy!! :)