Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Big Game

We have had a BLAST watching Jackson play t-ball this year! Those kids are super cute--some can hit the ball, some can't...some can throw the ball, some can't...some just run's just cute!

Here is how EACH practice/game goes:

1. Throw and catch with Daddy-O
2. Stretch as a team
3. Run and catch the coach for a warm-up
4. Parents in the field, kids line up and take turns batting at 2 stations
5. Kids play a position in the field and the parents bat/hit grounders to the kids while the
coaches teach them where to throw the ball after each hit (that's the funny part! "Tag that
runner! Throw it to first! Don't all run to the ball, play your position!")
6. Throw and catch with Daddy-O again, working on grounders
7. Team huddle and "Robot Elephants!! YAY!!"
8. Snack and drink

A couple weeks back, right after Everson was born, they had team pictures. Apparently, the coach told them to get their individuals taken, and then go sit on the bench. No one but Jackson listened, and all you could hear was Jackson calling from the bench "Hey guys! They told us to sit on the bench! Come on guys! You're not listening! Come over here, guys!" child!! And Jackson's individual t-ball pictures came out GREAT!! The team pic, not so much...Jackson is the only one of the bunch with his eyes closed (really, he looks half lit!)...but I love my little t-baller!!

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