Sunday, November 01, 2009

Blue Angels

This morning, I woke up with no voice. None. I wanted to just stay in bed and try and get over this cold....instead, I got up, called all the fam, and headed out for a short day of fun! The Blue Angels were performing at Ellington, and I really wanted to take Jackson again this year.

GG and Aunt Stacey came over and came along for the fun! Since Aunt Tacey works for Boeing, we were able to park and watch from Tower Two parking lot...and it WAS a great view! We had called to see if Grandma Patty and Grandpa Doug wanted to come down and have dinner with us, and they made it just in time to see the Blue Angels fly too! Jackson LOVED it! And this year, they flew right over us a FEW times...the first time, Jackson was startled, but after that, he would do the "awesome dance" and yell and clap!! It was so fun seeing his amazement over the "cool blue and yellow planes!"

After the air show, we came home and cooked beer can chicken and burgers for all 8 of us--Memaw and Papaw came over straight from their flight from Omaha! The best: Jackson and Everson BOTH got their FIRST Husker shirts!! YAY!!! :) Finally! Some Huskers attire!! :) I'll be getting shots of that soon!!

For now, here are the videos from the air show...




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