Monday, May 18, 2009

It's a....


Okay, let's back up to our 12 week, 3 day early scan. April 6, 2009. We head to the specialist with the fancy-smancy machines. The nurse can't get over how great of a profile image we are getting! I'm happy about that--already a little ham for the camera! Mommy likes this! She moves the probe all around, during which time she continues to say "Boys have a line that defines the penis, and girls have very defined clitoris at this stage. So I'm looking for a defined clitoris or a's amazing how the clitoris shows up in a scan like this..." Seriously lady, you say clitoris one more time my husband is going to come out of his skin--he's already squirming and wanting to use the excuse that he has to pee to get out of this room....and then, in mid clitoral talk, she says "UH! But there's a penis!" "You have a boy!"

At this point in the scan, I'm super excited! I have ALWAYS wanted two boys! Always. But the strange this is, whether it was from Jackson talking about it so much, or the fact that I was FINALLY drawn to girls' clothes and cute bows and PINK, I really thought this one might be a girl. Honestly, I did not care one way or another. I just really wanted to get to hold this one--boy or girl. I didn't get to do that with the last one, so anything breathing and crying and bloody was going to make me happy! But in my mind I'm thinking "No, you're wrong. It's a girl."

So the doctor comes in and says to the nurse, "Don't tell me what you saw, I want to see for myself, and we'll see if we're right!" About 2 seconds later, he yells, "Now that's a penis!" I'm like, "WTF?!" I don't see anything! THEN, the best part, "And your son has an errection!" (I know what you are thinking--what the hell kind of operation is this?! Clitoris and penis and errection talk?! I LOVE this doctor, and at $500 a pop as a specialist, I think the man can say whatever he wants!) Oh, this child is going to love hearing this story when he's older!

So we leave there, excited, both of us. Adam really wanted a girl, but when they said boy, he was pretty proud! A pitcher and a catcher!? Fabulous! I was ecstatic, but a little pissed that Dr. Rowe proved my instincts were wrong. Seriously. I was pretty baffled about it...but we didn't tell anyone..for a while...and certainly not my family or Adam's family...we wanted to keep it a secret in case they were wrong...because I still thought they were...even at $500 a pop, he was wrong!

Unfortunately, Grandma Patty could not make it to the ultrasound because of it being the end of school, so Stacey asked is she could join us. She's never seen such a thing. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that she had taken the whole day off from work! So, we made it a girls' (and Jackson) day and headed to Sephora for makeup and makeovers--it's so nice to get your makeup done!

After we were all done up, we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch...where I also bought a peppermint to make sure this baby was moving during the scan. At 1:30, we headed to Dr. Rowe's. Adam met us there around 2:00 for the appoinment....

And sure enough, IT'S A BOY! A very large boy! He measures about 4 days early and 1/2 oz bigger than most babies at this stage. He has HUGE FEET, and a package that is bigger than Jackson's was at this stage...sorry Jack. And huge hands with LONG fingers--like his momma! The tech claimed that he could be a GYN someday with hands like that! HA! I would not complain!

When the tech said "It's a boy! You're having a baby brother!" Jackson's response...."No, I want a baby sister..." he was a little sad. That is, until we explained how he could have his little brother pitch the ball to him and he could hit it back to him, and we would get more trains so that baby brother would have his own to play with....More trains? And more baseballs? And more trucks? "I'm having a BOY. A baby brudder!" He was pretty happy then! :) HA!

We spent the money for the DVD...not sure how to post that one yet, but I'm working on it...

Dr. Rowe came in for about 5 minutes to confirm that everything looked great. The numbers from my bloodwork were very normal and the babies heart looked fabulous, the brain is great, the lips are great...and "Yup! There's that penis again!" Then, all of a sudden, this baby boy stretched his arms above his head, yawned, and slammed his hand back down to grab his penis! No joke! We DIED! And Dr Rowe's response: "Did you see that? Let me play it back for you in slow motion. He's a true boy and will be doing that for the next 80 years or so!"

So, I'm excited! Adam's THRILLED! And Jackson? He's still getting used to the idea, but he's happy! Although, no one is allowed to hold this baby still except Momma when she's feeding him. Jackson is still changing all the diapers--even the poopy ones!!

Now, we just need some names....we're working on it! And a color scheme for the nursery, nursery furniture, bedding....we are a little behind with this one! It's still sinking in that I'm almost half way through this doesn't seem real!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! Congrats! You are going to have your hands very full with that bunch...AV

Jana said...

Congrats!!! He and Jackson are going to be best friends. That's awesome.