Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"We doin' a spearment"

Last week, I told Jackson I would take him to the park--simply to get out of this sick house! He proceeded to run to the fridge and pull out 3 popsicles--one for me, one for gg, and one for memaw. He put them in his Thomas backpack. I found them about 5 minutes later--still pretty frozen, but a little squishy.

M: "Honey, you can't put these in your backpack. They will melt!"
J: "They not melted!"
M: "Do you know what it means to "melt"?
J: look of confusion
M: "You know, like ice, when it melts into water?"
J: "I eat ice!"
M: look of frustration
M: "Let's do an experiment!"

So, I grabbed a glass and put a popcicle in to, top down. I told Jackson, "We're going to sit here and watch this popsicle melt. It's going to go from being hard and solid, to liquid like water!"

We sat for about 15 minutes. In the meantime, Memaw called to say hi to Jack Jack. "WE DOIN' A SPEARMINT!" Daddy walked in about 10 minutes later and he yelled and jumped the same thing: "WE DOIN' A SPEARMINT! WE GONNA DRINK IT WHEN WE DONE!"

But the problem: the glass that I picked out of the cabinet was one that had not been used since we've moved in this house, and it had a silverfish in it. I know--yuck! So we just took pictures of it and I THINK that he got the concept. We'll see if I find any more melted popsicles around the house. And yes, I moved the box to the TOP shelf of the freezer!

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Sheri said...

What a great teaching experience! Teaching starts at home! Fantastic Job Mom!