Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Happy 28 Years!

This week has been a blur--getting over the flu, trying to get my house back in order from having the flu, processing a MILLION senior images, getting last minute books ordered, booking engagements/bridals/weddings....hectic, I swear! And you throw that HORRIBLE Bachelor ending in there, and Mommy's a little cranky!

So lots has gone on over the past week, but I've been lazy with my camera, because God forbid I have to process ONE MORE FREAKING PICTURE--and that's all these are, pictures. They are nothing fancy. I didn't even check my settings on my camera for any of these. Bad Mommy!

Saturday was my Mom and Dad's 28th wedding anniversary. We all went to Mario's for a relaxing dinner, and my mom gave my dad and fabulous new tungsten ring! He's had his gold band for 28 years. Never lost it once. Wore it everyday. But, when Mom got her upgrade to white gold, Dad wanted one to match. It's a dark silver, and very elegant! He was SOOOO HAPPY!

Jackson with Pawpaw's old ring...
Then they brought us the most fabulous Italian Creme cake I've ever tasted! It was so good!

Jackson and Pawpaw sat watching the men make pizzas and throwing the dough in the air! Jack was fascinated!

Happy Anniversary! To 28 more years!!

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