Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Last week, Memaw had a project. A pretty big one. I had a TON of work to do, so she and Pawpaw came over and picked up Jackson to go to Home Depot (his favorite store!) While they were there picking up paint supplies, they bought Jackson his own little roller. Little did Memaw know that Jackson would really USE this roller to complete nearly her entire project!!

Basically, they needed to prime some furniture--furniture that was my sister's growing up. Taking it from brown to white. Well, from what I hear, Jackson is an excellent roller. So much so, that Mom let him paint the ENTIRE headboard AND the dresser with primer. And he didn't get a drop of paint on himself or his clothes!

He loved EVERY MINUTE of it! And has not stopped talking about it since!! mom got a few pictures of him in action--but I guess that his commentary was much better. We are going to have to get them a video camera to be able to get those funny shots on film!!

Baby Butt Crack!
But seriously, check out the headboard--he painted every inch of that thing! So good!

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Sheri said...

Way to go grandma! Jackson is such a BIG helper!