Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Day at the Lake

We finally got a chance to get away--no computers, no cell phones...just us as a family. Before we left, Jackson found his John Deer hat and his new slippers...too funny! He would not take them off:

We stopped and had the BEST visit with the Stowe family--Chuck, Laura, and Charlie! We love them! It's transition time and now that Jackson is as into Thomas the Train as Charlie was, they surrendered a HUGE chunk of their HUGE collection of Thomas stuff to us! We bought a few of the furniture pieces and they gave us a TON of track--which has yet to be photographed. It was awesome going down memory lane with them--I cried a little too. Charlie was my "first" little one. In college, I had him nearly everyday, and sometimes on the weekends when Chuck and Laura had to travel for work. He is an amazing little person. We would play trains all day everyday--which is what I am doing with Jackson these days!

After staying the the night with the Stowe's, we headed up to the lake on Friday (after Uncle Elliott's last baseball game..sniff sniff) We had a BLAST on the jet ski's, fishing with Grandpa Doug--he caught a cat fish and it was AWESOME--and cruising on Uncle Buggy's (Buddy's) new boat, and chillin int he hammock chairs! Jackson called everyone by name--Uncle Buggy, Ann Peggeee, Maggeee, Jake, Catty, Keyyee....he's getting pretty good with names.

It was also Great Grandma Peggy's birthday, so Jackson sang Happy Birthday (I'll get that on video, don't worry!) and ate cake...really it was just a relaxing weekend. Loved it. Happy Birthday Grandma!! It was great seeing all of you!!


Mommy said...

Hi! Test comment!!

GG Jane said...

I just LOVE the second picture. That's his I'm too cute for you to get mad at. I see that look a lot.

Anonymous said...

I am with you Jane - that 2nd picture is a killer! Just the cutest picture. Ramie glad to see new pictures of Jack! Not to many days left and he will be 2!

Sheri said...

Oops, I made a mistake. The anonymous comment is from Sheri